Knowledge sharing as it should be
Share files, create folders, add projects, tag anything, search instantly.
Enjoy our full customization, personal support, and amazing product.
Beautifully designed, powerfully built

Full-text search

Search inside files, projects and tags. Find exactly what you're looking for.

Groups and tags

Keep everything neatly organized using folders, groups and tags.

File previews

Preview files online so you can browse before you download.

Simple editor

Create project pages simply by filling text-boxes and adding files.

Drag and drop

Upload, move and group files together as easy as drag and drop.

Weekly digests

Stay up to date with weekly digests and relevant email notifications.


Know exactly how your team is using Shortcase with detailed analytics.

SSL-grade security

Securely store your content on Shortcase behind SSL-encryption.

Backup and export

Back up everything automatically. Export it at the push of a button.